Currently working as a bioinformatician at GenomeDx Biosciences (Vancouver) in their Clinical Development – Data and Quality Control Management Team. As part of this team, I get to use my 4 years of schooling and 2.5 years of bioinformatics experience to help facilitate the development of new cancer-targeted genomic classifiers. Primarily at work I serve three main roles: Microarray & Wetlab Quality Control Data Analysis, Infrastructure Development, and Database Development & Curation. My day to day work is done programming primarily in R, PostgreSQL & Bash.

Prior to working at GenomeDx I held an internship at the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary, during this time I was responsible for developing & maintaining a web-based Galaxy pipeline for variant analysis of Illumina HiSeq/MiSeq (NGS) whole-exome sequencing data (using Perl & XML).

When I’m not working I enjoy web-development, toying with my raspberry pi, watching Star Trek, hiking the many great hikes BC has to offer, swimming, skiing, and traveling, especially road trips.

My skills:

  • R Programming
  • Shell Scripting (Bash)
  • SQL/PostgreSQL
  • Cloud Computing & Infrastructure Setup
  • Workflow Design & Management
  • Genomic and Wetlab Quality Control
  • Data Curation
  • Data Preprocessing, Normalization & Standardization Techniques
  • Machine Learning, Classifier Discovery and Validation using Supervised & Unsupervised Learning Methods

Familiar Data:

Microarray Expression Data

Clinical & Pathologic Variables


Illumina NGS (HiSeq/MiSeq)